Kendra Johnson

Kendra Johnson moved to West Virginia in 2001 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the College of William and Mary. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Kendra was raised in the fragrant, flowering landscapes of the South and quickly learned to love all things that grow.

While she washed buckets and ran deliveries at her first job at a small florist shop, Kendra gained knowledge of the elements of floral design by observation and eventually participation. She dreamed of one day having her own business; one with which she could bring joy to people, like she did when she delivered the shop’s flower arrangements. Even throughout her pursuit of academic studies, she continued to garden, grow houseplants and “play with flowers” as a relaxing and rewarding past-time.

Since NatureScapes’ founding in 2004, Kendra continues to be dedicated to spreading beauty and joy through her work. Her goal is to provide clients with superior service and knowledge that exceeds expectations. Kendra strives to maintain a personal relationship with every client, an element which she believes to be lacking in many businesses. In her time not spent tending the plant kingdom, Kendra enjoys relaxing in her home in the West Virginia mountains, and watching her husband Luke’s piano performances. She and Luke are known to take spontaneous weekend adventures to explore local vineyards, hike, and canoe.


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