Tricia Strother

Tricia Strother moved to Winchester, VA in 1984, from Howell Mi. She grew up in the country where her love for all things living began. She would spend her days running through the woods and corn fields discovering all that nature had to offer. Her love for plants began very early tending the family gardens alongside her mother, who instilled the passion for plants. Once, she started school her appreciation for art and design became apparent. Tricia was in the select art program throughout her school years.

Her first job, as a florist shop-hand, quickly transitioned into a design position, where she learned from seasoned veterans the tricks of the trade. Here she explored texture, color and the many rules of design. She also managed the care of all the live plants that were kept in the attached greenhouse. Tricia went on to work for a few more florists and landscape companies, while seeking her formal degree in Business Management.

While earning her degree, the opportunity to be an interior plant technician arose and she instantly fell in love with the profession. In 2004 Tricia and her then co-worker founded NatureScapes Inc. Her goal is to provide extensive knowledge of interior plants, design and unmatched client service. She enjoys taking client ideas and bringing them to life. She truly feels that interior plants make an immense difference in an indoor setting and finds great satisfaction in creating a healthy and vibrant atmosphere.


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